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Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya - News update

Fun Diving In July


July is here and we have some exciting to announcements.

All of us at Jomtien Dive Center are proud to announce, that thanks to all of your support and all of the hard work done by the Jomtien Dive Center team, we are growing to meet your needs.


With our continuing commitment to provide the best training available to all our customers we are happy to say we are now a PADI 5* IDC CENTER. We will continue to provide the best training possible for all levels of divers, which will now include PADI Instructor Development courses and more PADI Professional training.

So if this is what you have been waiting for, make sure to check our pages for updates on PADI IDC Packages and Instructor Examination dates for the upcoming months. We look forward to having more of the Jomtien Dive Center Family join us amongst the PADI Professional ranks.


In order to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves, and in order to maintain our upgraded status we have also brought in a second Boat. Our latest addition is currently being refitted and repainted ready for the high season, and ready for all our SCUBA Divers and Snorkelers.

With our new boat we look forward to being able to provide a greater capacity for Divers and Snorkelers, with more variety in our day trips. More variety means more options and choices for all of you guys.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for updates and pictures.


Join us in celebrating our SCUBA DIVING LADIES. SCUBA Diving is no longer a man’s world, so let’s show some pride in our passion and get more people involved.

The goal is simple, come together to celebrate women in diving. Let’s strengthen and grow the female diver community, attract new women to the SCUBA and Free diving sports, and motivate existing female divers to get back in the water and continue their dive adventure.

Hop on board with Jomtien Dive Center on the 16th, and let’s show the dive community what SCUBA Diving women really look like.


For all our Certified Ladies we are offering 25% off your day of fun diving.
For those who are not certified, but would like to try diving? Dive into our Try-Diving program for only 2500b, and discover a new passion.
For those who are bitten by the SCUBA Bug, you will receive 10% off any dive course booked on the 16th

Not a woman, don’t worry, men are welcome to join us on board as well. Show your support for our lovely ladies and your SCUBAholic loved ones.

Contact us for more information and bookings.


We have met some great people and made lifelong friends, over the last years, and wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Thank you all for all of your support and love.

We are looking forward to continuing our high standard of service and making many more friends. We look forward to another fun and exciting SCUBA filled year with you all.




June scuba diving Deals in Pattaya, Thailand

June News And Special Deals This Month.

Last month was a busy month for courses, We at Jomtien Dive Center would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to all our new and continuing education divers. JOB WELL DONE !!!

We also had some great sightings last month including an Eagle Rayjumping out of the water, Cuttlefish, countless Turtles but best of all was our encounter with a Baby Bamboo Shark,Like us on Facebook and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular video and picture updates.

To kick of June we have some new specials


  1. Photography Specialty


Learn how to better capture those special underwater memories 1 day 2 dives learn the basics of underwater photography.

Not a diver? No problem. Because underwater photography is also popular amongst snorkelers, there is an option for avid snorkelers and skin divers to complete the course as well.


  • Looking for a great underwater camera?


We have a one-off special offer on Nikon AW130 underwater cameras


Only 11,995 Limited stock


No housing needed, can go to 30m and a favorite with our instructors.

  1. Nitrox Specialty

Add the nitrox specialty to any Open Water or Advanced open water course this month for only 5000b.


This moth we have also joined Project Aware - Adopt a dive site.

We're looking for committed Dive Against Debris heroes who want to be ocean stewards for their local dive sites. 

Project AWARE’s Adopt A Dive Site™ aims to involve dive centers and resorts around the world in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of their favorite underwater playgrounds that they depend on. Monitoring actions are based on Project AWARE’s flagship citizen science program: Dive Against Debris™  – the only underwater global survey of its kind involving scuba divers in the removal, recording and reporting of marine debris found under our ocean waves on the seafloor.





Pattaya May Deals


This Months….. MAY….Special  !!!!

May is usually a very warm month within Thailand, it is also coming to the end of the dry season and can get very humid this time of year so for all those people who like the warm weather it's a great time to come.

May is also a great time to do scuba diving and we have had some great dives this month. Last week we went and dived down at Samasan which is about an hour away from Pattaya.  We had a number of great dives on the HTMS Hardeep, which is a wreck that was sunk by the British RAF in 1945 nearly at the end of the war, although this wreck has deteriorated it's still a great wreck to dive for the more advanced divers. with plenty of things to see and spot.

Yesterday we dived North Rock, which we haven’t dived for quite sometime and found that there was an abundant of marine life. We saw about 6 bamboo Sharks, lots of bluespotted rays and a large shoal of barracuda and even a marble ray.

It really is a great time to either go diving or take a padi scuba diving course no matter what your certification, we have a course to suit.

Also this month we are looking at coral reef rehabilitation taking a close look at the environment under water. With this in mind it gives me great pleasure to say we have teamed up with Ocean Quest, who are a body of coral reef experts and have many years of experience in this field.

What we will be doing is taking a close look at things like coral adoption programs, coral nurseries, coral propagations and many more activities. We will be also running workshops, seminars and training courses showing you how we can take care of the coral reef so that they might flourish.

These courses are open to anybody and everyone i.e. schools, collages, Snorkelers, instructors, it really doesn’t matter as everybody has a part to play in preserving the ecological environment.

So for this month if you decide to book any course we will give you either, Fish id or coral aware course for FREE. All you need is to pay for the certification from PADI but your diving and instruction is absolutely FREE.

This Month Special :-

  • Book any course and get either Fish ID or coral aware course FREE
  • 10% Discount on all Fins andWetsuits
  • 15% Discount on All Masks in Stock
  • Bring a Friend diving and get 10% discount on your Diving 





Songkran Pattaya 2016


Songkran Pattaya 2016

    It’s  Songkran !!!!   The Thai New year

If you are planning to travel to thailand this month, it’s the annual water festival fight, so get ready to get soaked. The great thing  about the water festival is that it is planed at the hottest time of  the year. which is great !!!! So why not become a child again and have some  FUN. The festival starts on the 13th of April and in most places lasts for two days. However Pattaya is the only place in Thailand that the festival last for a week, finishing on the 19th April … So  why not come and  join us and Dive and Play.

April Deals 

Songkran PattayaForThis Month Only :-

  • Book Any 2 padi speciality courses and get  a 3rd for FREE
  • 10% off all Dry Bags
    book any  padi standard course and get your own  personalized drinking mug with your diving picture on it.

  • ….. book your IDC (instructor Development Course) this month and you will receive a 20% discount…… GREAT Value !!!



New Year, New You..ReActivate

New Year, New You..ReActivate2016 is here! Start the year off right, keep active, lose weight, cut stress get back into the scuba diving lifestyle while staying in touch with old friends and meeting new people.

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? No problem Reactivate yourself in a day with Jomtien Dive Centre.

The PADI ReActivate program is the perfect way to refresh and update your dive skills and knowledge from the PADI Open Water Diver Course before jumping back into the water. Whether you want a few reminders or need to go over the basics, ReActivate is for you: You conveniently review scuba concepts on your tablet, mobile device or computer, then go diving with one of our in-house PADI Professionals.

It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for one of our daily diving trips.

The best part is, divers who complete both the knowledge and in-water skill refresher receive a replacement certification card from PADI with a ReActivated date on it.
Get back into diving in 2016, ReActivate yourself with Jomtien Dive Centre.

Dream It..Dive It..Believe It



Diving With Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya

December 2015 With Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya

December 2015 With Jomtien Dive Center PattayaDiving With Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya is a great why to spend your time within Thailand. with so many things to see and great experiences of a life time  Last month we seen 2 great advents with the festival of Loy Krathong and the Firework both events were amazing.

This is one of the most picturesque festivals in Pattaya and Jomtien area. Loy Krathong, is when people gather around lakes, rivers, canals and sea side resorts to pay respects to the goddess of water. People do this by releasing beautiful lotus shaped rafts, decorated with different types of candles, incense and flowers, which they place on to the water.

December 2015 With Jomtien Dive Center PattayaEvery year, Loy Krathon g falls on the night of the twelfth lunar month (which is usually in November), Also it’s very much the end of the rainy season. It’s when the full- moon lights up the sky all over Thailand. The sight of thousands of Krathongs is totally amazing, with thai people dressing up in old traditional costumes. The flickering of candles sending thousands of la nterns far into the horizon is a truly amazing site.


Firework Festival 2015 PattayaFirework Festival 2015 Pattaya
This was a great night for us and all our customers, we decided to leave the pier around 6:30pm so that we could have something to eat and a barbecue on-board, also a few beers. The boat then traveled across Pattaya so that we could look at the skyline of Pattaya at night which is amazing !!!.  After which we anchored the boat in the bay of Pattaya. It is probably one of the best ways to see the fireworks as their are no crowds and you can relax. Thanks to all our customers for a totally enjoyable night.

Christmas DealsThis Months Christmas Deals
Book your enriched air diver course (Nitrox) this month and dive 2 tanks of Nitrox for FREE. Everything included 5,700
Book a side-mount course this month and get your Nitrox certification for only 3,000 baht.
50% discount on selected wet suits.
Book 3 days diving and get the 4 for FREE
Major discounts on all fins (including top brands)



Diving November

November Diving Deals

November Diving Deals

October is over, and we have had another amazing month. Congratulations to all our customers that managed to get certified and becoming a part of the Jomtien Dive Center family, including four very adventurous Junior ‘s that are now PADI junior Open water divers.

As the month came to an end the weather was great for diving and mother-nature provided us with a ton of immensely beautiful dives and superb visibility, which has become a standard for High Season. Now that the visibility is reaching its yearly high, Jomtien Dive Center is looking to make more lasting memories with all new visitors to Thailand and all long-term Thailand lovers alike. If you’ve never dived in Pattaya, and have always wondered what you are missing, drop by and find out this month.

Diving November is a great way to start your vacation.This month we are offering free pictures for all fun divers and Discover SCUBA divers alike. Take your memories home with you and share your experiences with all of your friends and loved ones. Make this a vacation to remember.



Pattaya Latest Diving Deals

Diving with Dolphins

Due to the weather conditions being very unpredictable last month we managed to have a very wet and windy month, with a considerable amount of rain. Nevertheless for those that ventured to go scuba diving with us, they were lucky enough to enjoy the fun and thrills of diving and swimming with Dolphins (WOW !!!!).



Diving In Pattaya

Diving in Pattaya….. GREAT GREAT !!!!

Today was such a beautiful day, and for so many different reasons. We had two beautiful dives on the far islands, North Rock first, and Koh Rinn Second, and ended our amazing day with a lovely stop on the HTMS Mathapon, for a fun Wreck dive.

Every day is a great day. We meet new people, and constantly welcome new people into the Jomtien Dive Center family. Every day we also get our family returning for more exciting dives in the Pattaya area, and every day we go out to share our passion with our divers.

Today we mixed it up a little. We not only shared our passion for diving, but also for conservation. Today Nga, Minh and Yin joined Jeshe on a mission. Cleaning up some ghost netting.



Diving September In Pattaya

GREAT NEWS !!!!!   Diving September in Pattaya

It’s been another busy month for us here in Pattaya. We have had the pleasure of meeting so many new friends, divers and also certifying many new students. WELL DONE !!!!!  to those people that have been involved and done courses this month.

We have also had our boat in dry dock for the past 16 days making certain that everything is fine with the run up-to high season. Our boat is now back in the water and back to work which is ….. GREAT NEWS. So lets go diving !!!!




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