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Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya - News update

Jomtien Dive Center -Pattaya

Jomtien Dive Center July 2017


Why not come and join us on the 15th of July for PADI Women’s Dive Day. The goal is simple – celebrate women divers of the world and get more women involved in the sport. By coming together to celebrate women in diving, we will strengthen and grow the female diver community, attract new women to the sports of scuba and free diving, and motivate existing female divers to get back in the water and continue their dive training.

As PADI Women's Dive Day illustrates, scuba diving is about community. Diving is a great way to meet new people and share experiences with friends or family. If you're not yet certified or want to continue your dive training, contact us today.

This 15th of July is PADI Women’s Dive Day, and we have some exclusive offers for all our ladies out there.

  • Certified: Fun Diving 2800b - 15% off for women
  • Non-certified:  -Try-Diving for only 2800b Today !!! Why Not give it a go
  • -10% off any PADI courses booked that day.


This Month We Have 3 New Toys – DPV's

DPVs offer a thrilling way for scuba divers to see a lot of underwater territory in a short amount of time. They scoot you through the water allowing you to glide over reefs or buzz around a large wreck

If you’re at least 12 years old and a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher, you can enroll in the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle course.

We have a 1 day or a 2 day course, if you do not want to take a course why not just try it for fun !!!


Also For This Month We  Have: Enriched Air Diver !!



SCUBA Diving is a great relief from the heat, but we’re always limited by our air supply. Have you ever wished you could stay down longer? Now is the time to learn how. This month we’re offering specials on the PADI Enriched Air Diver, and PADI Sidemount Diver courses. Book one course and get a 10% discount, book both and get a cool 15% off your total.






Scuba Diving Pattaya June

Hot Hot Hot !!!


Last month we organized a very successful Bali Trip, lots of fun had by everyone and had some great dives all across the island where we saw many different species including the Mata rays and a couple of great dives on the famous USS Liberty wreck. Keep an eye out for our next organized trip, Details coming soon

Now June Is here and the temperature is rising.

Come and join Jomtien dive center to cool down and get wet !

Escape the city, enjoy the sea breeze, snorkeling or diving the various islands around Pattaya.

A fun day for everyone with all-inclusive packages including equipment, refreshing drinks, fruit and a freshly prepared lunch by our lovely onboard chef. What’s not to like?

If you are a first timer or experienced diver we are here to give you a great day out, simply relax on the boat, go for a swim or dive exploring the reef and wrecks

What will you see under our ocean waves, we have a wide variety of hard and soft coral, sponges, fans, Turtles, Rays, puffer fish, angel fish, rabbit fish and so so much more.

For all those Nudibranch lovers this month we found The “hooded nudibranch” or the “lion’s mane nudibranch on Koh rinn and Hat Huan recently, they are amazing to watch with a large “hooded mouth” that extends out and down like a net to catch its prey.

Later this month we will adding details for World oceans day on July 8th come and show your support for the oceans and all its beauty.

This month we have some super cool deals

  • Snorkeling book 5 people get the 6th free
  • Discover diving 10% off only 3500b
  • We have a special price for our Nikon AW130 CAMERAS ONLY 10,900B LAST 4 REMAINING
  • If you are looking for a new dive computer we have a SPECIAL offer the Suunto D4 computers this month at 25% off only 18,000b




Why Scuba Dive in Pattaya?

Pattaya Teacher

Pattaya and Thailand by extension offers

one of the best locations for anyone seeking a perfect scuba diving experience. The city is known for its breathtaking sceneries, clear waters, lots of aquatic animals, excellent weather, and many other aspects that make scuba diving and snorkeling worth trying.

First, Pattaya is popular for its favorable weather all-round the year which is why it has continuously grown in popularity recently. Unlike most other parts of Thailand that experience extreme monsoon winds during some seasons, Pattaya often remains calm nearly all year long. However, the best months to do scuba diving here are from November to March. During this time, weather is always hot and sunny and even when it showers, sea temperatures hardly fall below 30c. What’s more? Water visibility often ranges from 6-20m depending on the different times of the year as well as the nature of a particular dive site.

In addition, Pattaya boasts some of the finest dive sites in the country with most of these comprising excellent wreck dives. The city is known to have over five shipwrecks with the most popular being the S.S. Suddhabid; recognized as one of the world’s top 10 wreck dives. Others of its type include HTMS Mataphon and HTMS Kut.

Last but not least, Pattaya is easily accessible from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Indeed, it will only take you a couple of hours to commute from Bangkok to Pattaya by road.



Why Choose Pattaya Dive Center?

Let’s face it. When choosing a scuba diving center

, several key factors should come to play. For example, you will need to strike a balance between great services and trainings, dive sites available, and of course, the cost involved.

Luckily for you, these three areas are exactly what we here at Pattaya Dive Center Pattaya are more focused on.

Excellent services

One of our key strongholds is the fact that we offer some of the best scuba diving services and trainings in Pattaya. As such, we boast of a proven track record and a glowing reputation as being among the best certified scuba and snorkeling trainers in the city. Our services include ferrying tourists to various key scuba dives in Pattaya and its environs including the three major islands; Koh Larn Pattaya, Koh Sak, and Koh Krok. We also advice on where and when to visit each of these locations depending on the prevailing weather conditions, divers’ experience and certification, as well as and the total expenses involved.

In addition, we offer personalized training services which are completed at our state-of-the-art facility and also using highly advanced equipment. For example, we have our own boats which are very well equipped and observe all the necessary safety measures. In addition, we offer our students sufficient training materials while also ensuring that all crews involved in training are PADI certified and can thus offer high level of expertise.

Numerous Choices of Dive Sites

As mentioned earlier, Pattaya Dive Center is dedicated at giving you the much-needed exposure to different scuba dive sites Pattaya has to offer. There are over 20 dive sites spread across the four main islands surrounding this beautiful city. The distance from the coast of Pattaya to these locations ranges between 7-10 kilometers which is why fast boats are needed.

Pattaya Dive Center is dedicated to ferry you to any of these sites which will help offer you a great opportunity to sunbathe, dive, or snorkel in some of the most beautiful waters in Thailand. As such, we facilitate daily trips to these locations although this is majorly dependent on the weather conditions.

So, make your booking today and be part of the next group to experience the spectacular scuba Pattaya experience.

Unbeatable Rates

Looking for a reliable yet affordable scuba diving shop in Pattaya? Well, we bet you won’t find a better match than Pattaya Dive Center. We offer some of the biggest bargains as far as scuba and snorkel Pattaya is concerned.

For example, certified divers will only require 2800 Baht to enjoy 2 coral and wreck dives using our equipment. What’s more? We also offer very affordable PADI scuba diving courses which will be delivered to you by our team of certified trainers.

For more information regarding our charges, check out our pricing page which outlines in details all that you need. Also, you can reach us via our phone number +66 38 231 497 or email for any other kind of information or clarification you’d want from us.

Book us today for a life changing scuba experience. We can’t wait to serve you!




Pattaya Scuba Diving

Jomtien Dive Center – March 2017           

The Temperature is starting to rise within Thailand and our busy season has started to slowing down. This makes March a great time to come and visit us. Last month brought us some great weather and great visibility so lets hope it continues, with us seeing eagle rays and a whale shark as well as the normal variety of marine life

So why not come and join us for a day diving, snorkelling, or simply relaxing on one of our daily boats, see the coral islands, cool down in the tropical water and enjoy a freshly prepared lunch on board.

We have something to suit everybody; from the least experienced to all the professional levels of diving. Even first time snorkelers our friendly staff will guide you though the whole experience.

Please contact us on


This month specials :- we have some great deals


  • Padi Advanced Open water course – 2 days, 5 dives –  Normal price 13,995b for this month only 10,999 Great Savings !!!
  • If you are looking for a great underwater camera?
  •  We have a one-off special offer on Nikon AW130 underwater cameras normal Price 12,995  now Only 10,995 Limited stock

 This is a great camera, No housing needed, you can go to 30m and take terrific picture of your experience with us, This camera is one of our favorites with our instructors


  • Take the Photography specialty this month for only 7000b including 2 dives and camera rental.


  • Discover Scuba Diving – 2 dives 10% discount this month only 3500b
  • If you enjoyed your day with us doing a Discover scuba diving experience , then why not upgrade 
    tothe full Padi Open Water course, for only 10,500b

Snorkelling – never tried snorkelling? Not a strong swimmer? Then why not spend a day with one of our instructors who will show you how to use your equipment and take you for a guided snorkel around the reef. Learn about all the different types of marine life with some amazing pictures to take home with you. We have a number of great islands to chooses from make your experience one not to forget.



  • 1500b per person including equipment, lunch, drinks snacks and guide.
  • 4 people or more and receive free photos of your exciting day with us.




Pattaya Diving Febuary

Jomtien Dive Center – February 2017   

Febuary already !!!  wow.... This year, has been a very busy start with lots of courses within January.

We would like to take time to Congratulate all our new qualified divers, also our many returning customers that have decided to continue their education. WELL DONE !!!


 Last month we had a great night dive exploring the HTMS Khram Wreck, our divers spotted countless numbers of Rays, along with the resident turtles. Keep your eyes out for future night dives which are coming soon.

Join us this month for lots more fun, both our boats are running daily trips, we have lots of space to relax, enjoy the freshly cooked food on-board and see what wonders we can find under the water.

At Jomtien Dive Center we can cater for both large our small groups,as well as private Trips. if you would like to book please conact us and we will more than happy to help. For more information email us at :- 

Book Your Bali Trip Today,

This year we are running a dive trip to Bali

From the 9th – 15th of April The package includes  6 days diving and 5 nights accomodation with lots of fun

Perfectly timed for all who want to avoid the Songkhran madness and enjoy a relaxing few days diving and exploring the sites of Bali, including the USAT Liberty Shipwreck and Nusa Penida - Manta Point.

  • Minimum requirement AOW

For more information and prices please contact us for details at :-



February Specials

Due to Popular demand we are continuing

  • Book both your PADI Open Water course and Advanced Open Water course and get 20% discount that’s a saving of over 5000 baht.
  • Not sure if you want to commit to a full course? Discover Scuba Diving – 2 dives 10% discount this month only 3500b
  • If you enjoyed you day Discover diving you can upgrade to the full Padi Open Water course, for only 10,500b
  • Snorkelling – never tried snorkelling? not a strong swimmer? Spend a day with one of our instructors who will show you how to use your equipment and take you for a guided snorkel around the reef. Learn about the marine world and all the amazing life we have around our islands. 1500b per person including equipment, lunch, drinks snacks and guide.
  • 4 people or more book any course or just fun diving and we will give you free photos.



Scuba Diving Pattaya Thailand

January 7, 2017


First may we say, A Very Happy New Year to all our customers and friends at Jomtien Dive Center. I would  personally like to thank all our customer for all their support. 

December has always tended to be a very busy month within Pattaya, with many people taking time to spend their festive period within Thailand, Relaxing in the warm and enjoyable waters and taking time to unwind.

So we have decided as from the 1st of January we are launching afternoon diving (GREAT !!!)  We have been asked for this on a number of occasions regarding an afternoon Service. So from the 1st of January we now have the facilities to facilitate this request. It is for all those people that do not want to get up early in the morning and would like a little more time to relax and enjoy those extra couple of hours slowly waking up.

  • Our first boat will depart at the usual time of  9am and return approximately 3:30pm  – 4 pm


  • The second boat will depart at 11am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week and will return approximately 4pm -5pm (Near islands only.)

So what are you waiting for...... it’s a great time to book your diving and spend a great day either diving or snorkeling.


We Also Have Some Great Special Deals This Month.

  • Book your advanced open water course and receive 10% discount
  • Book both your PADI Open Water course and Advanced Open Water course and get 20% discount that’s a saving of over 5000 baht.
  • Book any 2 PADI specialty courses and get fish ID totally free.
  • On all IDC and instructor packages for this month only we are giving away 20% discount, please call or email for a full quotation.
  • For Group booking book any 4 divers and get the 5th  one FREE (on recommended retail prices)


As you can see it’s a great way to spend your time and enjoy the fun of either snorkeling or diving within the beautiful waters of Thailand. 



Diving December Pattaya



With high season in full swing and Christmas around the corner, we at Jomtien Dive Center are being kept pleasantly busy.

First, to recap, November was filled with courses, both beginner as well as advanced level training, so we would like to congratulate all of our students on completing their courses successfully. We’ve made many new friends, and have had many friends return for another visit. Both our boats are in the water, fully operational, and ready to take you out for a wonderful day of diving.

The rain seems to have moved on, and we are now thoroughly enjoying the sun, the sea, and our improving visibility, which is getting better by the day. We’ve had many amazing dives over the last month and are now looking forward to the beauties December is waiting to reveal.


That means Bookings have been streaming in for December, and all of us at Jomtien Dive Center are looking forward to meeting our many fun new students, divers, and snorkelers.

For the Christmas and New Year period we have a few specials for all to enjoy:

  • Book any PADI Open Water or PADI Advanced Open Water course, and you can book the Enriched Air Nitrox Diver specialty for only 4000THB more.
  • Book for a FULL Discover SCUBA Diving program, and we will provide you with free pictures, that way you can take home some lasting memories, as well as visual proof of your time with Jomtien Dive Center.
  • Are you spending a week or more in Pattaya? If you book for four days of diving, we’ll give you a fifth day, on the house.
  • Book any PADI Diver course, PADI Specialty Diver course, or three or more day dive package, and receive a FREE Jomtien Dive Center T-shirt. Let’s all show the world some Jomtien Dive Center Spirit.

Struggling to find a Christmas present? Make SCUBA Diving a very special gift for a loved one, or for yourself.

How about an exciting New Year’s Resolution? Stay fit in a fun way, with new people, and by going to new places, and doing new things. SCUBA Diving has all you need, and we offer customized training schedules.

Purchase a gift voucher for snorkelling or diving, for your special someone, via one of our stores or via e-mail.

Our stores are also fully stocked, so that we can help you find a special present for that SCUBA Diver in your life.

For all our lovely drop-in-divers, we would like to post a notice of our special opening times during the upcoming month:

Christmas Day, 25th of December: Open from 08:00 till 16:00

New Year’s Eve, 31st of December: Open from 08:00 till 16:00

New Year’s Day, 1st of January 2017: CLOSED

*Please note that this will be a busy time with lots of bookings, we therefore highly recommend booking in advance to ensure that we can provide you with a wonderful experience aboard our boats.

Pattaya Dive Centre in Jomtien




Padi Instructor course IDC



This month we've seen the launch of our new boat, so now we can cater for a more variety of diving schedules. From This month we will be launching an Afternoon boat, for those people that do not want to get up in the mornings which will leave around  11am as well as our usual boat that leaves the pier at 9am. Please contact us for more information at

Also it's a great time to book your IDC !!!  this is just a brief description of the packages we offer. 

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

With Jomtien Dive Center, PADI Instructor level training course is fun and exciting; you can live the dream and be a part of a vibrant industry in amazing tropical locations around the world.

The Weather is Fantastic here with good visibility and a mammoth of diverse marine life which contributes to Pattaya’s reputation as the ‘mecca’ of scuba diving and the world’s premier location for anybody aspiring to be a PADI Professional.

Once you have completed the PADI Instructor course you have a ticket to travel the world, meeting interesting people, experiencing different cultures and visiting incredible places whilst working and enjoying life along the way.

Do You Want To Live The Dream..??

Book your PADI IDC Instructor Development Course at Jomtien Dive Center



14 day program followed by 2 day PADI Instructor Examinations >>

Qualified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor , EFR & Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor

Optional Free 2 Day Prep Course

Free Fun Diving

Pass Guarantee

Optional Free Divemaster "Working Internship Program"


Course Price: 39,900 THB


We are also offering this month a special on Diving for qualified divers

  • Book any 5 scuba dives with us and get the next one TOTALLY FREE !!! 



Scuba Diving September

Hello September !!!!

Did you know the first ever dive shop in Thailand was opened in Pattaya in 1977 and since then the popularity of diving has just continued to grow.

The advantage of diving in Pattaya is we have all year round diving, September can be a rainy month however this does not affect the diving. In general you can escape the rain on the mainland by heading out to the islands, enjoy the sun, sea and try to spot some of our resident Turtles.

High Season is just around the corner, and with that in mind, we at Jomtien Dive Center have been getting ready.

Our shop has had a gentle facelift with new signs updated to our new 5* IDC status,

Our new boat is on the way, we will soon be running 2 boats daily keep an eye out for our special report later in the month.

We are fully stocked in the shop for all your diving and snorkeling needs including new T-Shirts and there's more around the corner.

Last month was busy with courses, everything from Discover Diving to Master Scuba diver and lots of wreck dives a big congratulations to all our new and continuing divers.

This month we are already booking up with courses including Technical courses,Divemaster courses and instructor Development Courses.

Why Not Contact Us Today !!!

 Telephone 086 084 0651 or 

 Book your IDC and we will guarantee giving you the best price possible which includes many instructor speciality courses 

We guarantee a 100% Pass rate also we will not be beaten on Price or quality. Our Platinum course director has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, hence that’s why we can offer 100% pass rate.    


Special Offers for September

  • Complete your Padi Open Water or Advanced course and get the nitrox specialty for only 3000b
  • Book 3 or more days diving and get 1 days diving Totally FREE 
  • Never dived before ? Try diving only 2900b


Its not all about diving, we have some great snorkeling around the islands suitable for allages, if you want to escape the city for the day and relax join us for a fun day out including snorkel equipment, lunch, drinks and snacks. Only 1000B

If you are not a confident swimmer or haven't been snorkeling before why not take a lesson, we will provide a guide who will teach you the basics of snorkeling and make you feel more confident in the water while personally showing you all the amazing fish and coral life on offer. Package price including instructor, snorkel equipment, lunch, drink, snacks and photos to capture the memories 1800b

We also have the new full face mask snorkels in stock come and check them out.


Contact us 038-231-497 for more information.





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Weekend: 8am to 9pm


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