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Scuba Diving Pattaya

Scuba Diving Pattaya is a great way to learn to scuba dive. Today we were out at Koh Sak, ‘PATTAYA’  visibility has jomtiendivecenter.comimproved incredibly in the last couple of days, it’s amazing when the sun is out and the wind has stopped, Thailand is a beautiful place. It seems like the weather has finally turned and we are now back to warm sunny days for this time of the year.Today we had  a group of Seven Indian Divers on the boat,beginners-scuba-diving-cozumel-mexico-1-300x225It was there first time diving for all the group and they managed to do all the skills and still have a great deal of fun. I still get a great buzz in seeing a group of people entering the underwater for the first time and at the end of the day they have learnt alot and have enjoyed the experience.  We managed to take them on 2 dives. the first dive was around about 10am, then we had lunch which is all included then in the afternoon another go seeing all the different kinds of marine life they were so excited seeing all the aquatic sea life. what a great bunch of people.I would personally like to say a big thanks to them for a very enjoyable day out on the boat, also we would love you all  again in the near future so that they can carry on the diving experience.   I’ve posted some of the picture taken on the day. 


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