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Almost Coup-less

Come wind, rain, shine, or coup it’s time to dive. Luckily the coup in Thailand hasn’t affected Pattaya, or Jomtien Dive Center too much. Despite the coup in Thailand, it has been a very busy week for all of us at Jomtien Dive Center.This was a week to be remembered as Indian pride week, full of brave new experiences and excitement.This week Jomtien Dive Center had two incredible Indian divers qualify for their SSI Open Water Diver certifications, and a third Indian gentleman who attained his PADI Open Wa ter Diver Certification. These gentlemen are now ready to proudly represent the Indian Dive community, wherever their next dive destination may be. Jomtien Dive Center is also proud to have taken a lovely Indian family of four for their first official PADI DSD (Discover SCUBA Diving) Program. These divers were all joined by our excitement seeking Snorklers.Jomtien Dive Center would hereby like to congratulate you all on attaining your SSI and PADI Certifications and for successfully completing the PADI Discover SCUBA Diving Program. We hope you all have the have a long and exciting dive future ahead of you, and we look forward to having you dive with us again.Our foreign visitors weren’t the only people to brave the coup to come and visit us in Pattaya. Pattaya also saw a steady stream of expats and Thais from Bangkok rolling into town. We at Jomtien Dive Center were more than ready to cater to the Divers seeking to “escape” Bangkok for a weekend of diving.Our two little Russian Dive Ballerinas were also back to keep Jeshe occupied for a day. They made sure to keep Jeshe busy with fun and games both above and, safely, under water. Given the opportunity they would have spent all day underwater.Louise’s favorite local Discover SCUBA Diver was also back this week, this time joined by her niece. The three ladies were off to another great day of diving.This week we had a couple of flat days on the ocean, which made them ideal for our trips to the far islands. With our Divers from Bangkok and Pattaya, and our numerous friends from India and around the globe, we had a bunch of wonderful wreck dives, gorgeous coral dives, and amazing Snorkels off the coast of Pattaya. The far islands couldn’t have catered to our needs any better.The H.T.M.S. Khram wreck provided a wonderful experience for our more experienced divers. The resident turtle popped by to say hi, the Bamboo Sharks were stowed away in their usual spot, under the wreck, and to top it all off the wreck was surrounded by a school of Barracudas. The H.T.M.S. Khram never ceases to amaze divers, even those who dive it on a regular basis crave to go back for more. It’s never a dull dive on the “Khram”.With the Khram in mind, Jomtien Dive Center would like to thank Alex Beuchel for providing us with a wonderful blown up Diagram of the Khram, designed by him. It will now be the center piece for all our Khram Dive briefings.Of course our Divers-In-Training, our Coral Divers, and our Snorklers are not to be forgotten. The far islands provided Jomtien Dive Center’s Divers and Snorkelers with equally stunning dive and snorkel experiences. Elephant ears, Koh Phi, Koh Rinn, and North Rock did not fail to impress. The far islands provided us with countless sightings of Stingrays, Turtles, Nudibranches and wonderful visibility.A few of the more special sightings of the week were the numerous Nudibranch Egg Swirls scattered across the corals on all of Pattaya’s dive sites. Some of our divers were also lucky enough to be welcomed onto North Rock by a large group of friendly Batfish, some of Pattaya’s more curious ocean dwellers. The most spectacular sighting of the week however, was that of the two Cuttlefish our SCUBA divers found on North Rock. What made this find truly spectacular and unique was the fact that these two cuttlefish were in the process of laying and protecting their eggs. All of us at Jomtien Dive Center are excited about this find and we all hope this is a positive sign for future Cuttlefish sightings around Pattaya.All in all as wonderful as our week was for Diving and Snorkeling, our week would not have been quite so special without all of our fantastic Dive and Snorkel friends from Bangkok, Pattaya, an around the World. Thank you all for visiting Jomtien Dive Center in Pattaya.Even with the rainy season slowly creeping around the corner, we at Jomtien Dive Center are preparing for another exciting week of courses, Fun Diving and Snorkeling.  For this week we are already prepping for, one of our personal favorites, a PADI EFR and Rescue Diver Course, as well as a PADI Advanced Open Water (AOW) Course.We look forward to seeing all of our Dive and Snorkel friends again for another amazing week of Diving and Snorkeling in Pattaya. If you are in Pattaya, and are looking to do something exciting, drop by and join the Jomtien Dive Center Family.


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