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Disabled Divers In Thailand

jomtiendivecenter.comJomtien Dive Center have recently entered into partnership with Disabled Divers International (DDI).   Mainly to offer training for dive professionals from Divemaster and above to become DDI Instructors on the DDI Instructor training course. The course teaches you as a dive pro to work with a wide range of disabilities including spinal injuries, amputations, sight-impaired, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and many more conditions and get people into the water and experience the wonders of scuba diving.Disabled Divers International have risen as an organisation to become one of the leading training agency for disabled diving. Their courses are approved by the major dive training organisations including PADI, and SSI, and also they are a partner of Divers Alert Network (DAN). In researching the effects benefits of diving for disabled people. So successful have trials been with disabled people, that a number of countries have adopted scuba diving in their military rehabilitation programs such as Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) in the USA and Deptherapy in the UK. The DDI training program even includes as one of the courses you can offer “Rehab Diver” when dive pros work alongside physiotherapists in the early stages of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.The fact that the course is taught by Mark is another bonus due to the fact that Mark is the first and only wheelchair using PADI Course Director ever in the world. He is well known to the JDC Staff having worked alongside them in different locations around the world and the course is a really interesting experience offering a really different perspective to diving instruction and the ability to think outside the box as a diving instructor.For more information about the course please contact us


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