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Discover the amazing underwater world that SCUBA diving can introduce you to

At Jomtien Dive Center we have a full range of PADI Professional courses.

Snorkeling is a great way to spend the day relaxing, under the warm tropical sun of Thailand.

Experience the extreme side of diving that can take you to depths and realms untouched by the majority of divers

Do you fancy giving scuba diving in Pattaya a go? Excellent. Well !! You are at the right place. As such, we encourage you to dive into the adventure with Jomtien Dive Center.

Learn how to dive and snorkel in Pattayal, Expereince the thrill and excitement and discover Thailand’s secret seas. Besides, discover new adventures within the true wonders found beneath the sea's. All this starts at Jomtien Dive Center.



Scuba Diving Pattaya June

Hot Hot Hot !!!

Last month we organized a very successful Bali Trip, lots of fun had by everyone and had some great dives all across the island where we saw many different species including the Mata rays and a couple of great dives on the famous USS Liberty wreck. Keep an eye out for our next organized trip, Details coming soon

Now June Is here and the temperature is rising.

Come and join Jomtien dive center to cool down and get wet !

Escape the city, enjoy the sea breeze, snorkeling or diving the various islands around Pattaya.

A fun day for everyone with all-inclusive packages including equipment, refreshing drinks, fruit and a freshly prepared lunch by our lovely onboard chef. What’s not to like?

If you are a first timer or experienced diver we are here to give you a great day out, simply relax on the boat, go for a swim or dive exploring the reef and wrecks

What will you see under our ocean waves, we have a wide variety of hard and soft coral, sponges, fans, Turtles, Rays, puffer fish, angel fish, rabbit fish and so so much more.

For all those Nudibranch lovers this month we found The “hooded nudibranch” or the “lion’s mane nudibranch on Koh rinn and Hat Huan recently, they are amazing to watch with a large “hooded mouth” that extends out and down like a net to catch its prey.

Later this month we will adding details for World oceans day on July 8th come and show your support for the oceans and all its beauty.

This month we have some super cool deals

  • Snorkeling book 5 people get the 6th free
  • Discover diving 10% off only 3500b
  • We have a special price for our Nikon AW130 CAMERAS ONLY 10,900B LAST 4 REMAINING
  • If you are looking for a new dive computer we have a SPECIAL offer the Suunto D4 computers this month at 25% off only 18,000b




Why Scuba Dive in Pattaya?

Pattaya Teacher

Pattaya and Thailand by extension offers

one of the best locations for anyone seeking a perfect scuba diving experience. The city is known for its breathtaking sceneries, clear waters, lots of aquatic animals, excellent weather, and many other aspects that make scuba diving and snorkeling worth trying.

First, Pattaya is popular for its favorable weather all-round the year which is why it has continuously grown in popularity recently. Unlike most other parts of Thailand that experience extreme monsoon winds during some seasons, Pattaya often remains calm nearly all year long. However, the best months to do scuba diving here are from November to March. During this time, weather is always hot and sunny and even when it showers, sea temperatures hardly fall below 30c. What’s more? Water visibility often ranges from 6-20m depending on the different times of the year as well as the nature of a particular dive site.

In addition, Pattaya boasts some of the finest dive sites in the country with most of these comprising excellent wreck dives. The city is known to have over five shipwrecks with the most popular being the S.S. Suddhabid; recognized as one of the world’s top 10 wreck dives. Others of its type include HTMS Mataphon and HTMS Kut.

Last but not least, Pattaya is easily accessible from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Indeed, it will only take you a couple of hours to commute from Bangkok to Pattaya by road.




Mission Statement

Jomtien Dive Center | Scuba Diving Pattaya Thailand

Our mission is to share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba diving through training, instruction, certifications and mentoring. Our purpose is to inspire and develop new divers while encouraging certified divers to remain active by offering scuba events and dive travel. In a nutshell, we want you to say, “WOW! This is amazing!”

At Jomtien Dive Center in Pattaya, we believe that every customer does count. It is vitally important that we give all our customers the best experience we can. That ultimately means having to go that extra mile, listen to all their needs and concerns. We aim to provide an experience that is safe, interesting and Fun so that all our customers will remember and take away some great memories.

We always exercise a high level of dive training and professionalism, incorporated with a ‘must have fun’ attitude, without any shortcuts. Although we constantly stress safety and skills practice, we want you to relax and enjoy the ride. We help build underwater experiences, not just sell you a product or service.

Additionally, we are deeply committed in raising awareness of the threats facing our oceans today. It is a very sensitive environment, which warrants our understanding respect and participation in protecting all the reefs and marine life. It is our duty to develop environmentally awareness to all our divers. The beauty of the oceans is amazing, so we MUST be eco-conscious as we explore the underwater world, Isn’t that one of the main reason we scuba dive today? Then we must do our part in protecting the future generations so that they might be able to admire the beauty.

We find scuba diving is a community of people who share a common interest. They also want to meet other dive enthusiasts. We help make that happen. If you need a dive buddy, we can assist in making those connections.

We believe that every customer deserves first-rate services in order to enjoy lasting experiences. This is why we take our work very seriously so as to ensure we only offer you the best while also growing our brand as Pattaya’s best scuba service provider. As such, expect to see high level professionalism from us albeit fused with lots of fun that obviously comes with this amazing sport.

As an environmental conscious organization, we believe that it is our role to raise awareness and protect our oceans against the numerous threats facing them. For this reason, we have put in place various strategies with an aim to educate tourists on the benefits of conserving this highly sensitive environment even as they enjoy conducting their scuba and snorkeling businesses. In addition, we are actively involved in shaping policies aimed at aiding conservation of marine spaces in Pattaya and Thailand in general.

I would like to thank you for reading this and look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

Gary Phillips 



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